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Cahill Park Cleaning

Cahill Park Cleaning

A welcomed site to those who live near or use Cahill Park.  Apparently the Conservation Corps was out in force weeding the morning of 4/10/13.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 09 May 2013 09:24 )


Parks Director Recruitment

Parks Director Recruitment

The City of San José is in the process of selecting our permanent Director of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services (PRNS) and seeks your input in developing the Candidate Profile. The City has contracted with William Avery & Associates, Inc, a public sector executive recruitment firm, to conduct the search. All of the comments submitted will be provided to City Manager Debra Figone for her consideration in making this important decision for our community. We value your input!

 Online City Survey

Please fill out the PRNS Director Recruitment Community Survey.

[click for larger image]

Re-Imagining San Jose Parks

Re-Imagining San Jose Parks

Re-Imagining San Jose Parks

By James P. Reber, Executive Director, San Jose Parks Foundation

I had an incredible experience this past July, attending the Greater & Greener Conference in New York City, the largest gathering ever of Park and Trail Professionals, Advocates, and Supporters - over 900 people from 200 cities. What has become clear to me is:

  1. This is a national movement, an effort to re-imagine our parks and trails.

  2. Parks are at the heart of our Democracy. Parks are shared by every citizen.

  3. Parks are whatever we want them to be, limited only by our imagination.

  4. Even with budget cuts to parks everywhere, we have an opportunity to own and redefine parks, trails in new ways.

What this means for you is that: (1) you can learn from others who have already successfully redefined their parks; (2) you live among some of the most creative people in the world; and (3) you have a vehicle for unleashing the creative energy of your community - San Jose Parks Foundation.

San Jose Parks Foundation focuses on 4 key areas:

  1. Neighborhood & Citizen Empowerment. Cutting through red tape, working directly with local groups, enables citizens to have a impact on parks.

  2. Volunteer Recruitment, Training, & Organizing. The Foundation actively engages volunteers to do tens of thousands of dollars of work each year.

  3. Youth Programming. One example is KIDS@PLAY, youth to address the crisis in childhood obesity.

  4. Community Advocacy for Parks. We are your voice for parks and trails.

San Jose Parks Foundation works to raise funds for several programs and neighborhood groups. The foundation has secured corporate local support, including eBay, Wells Fargo Bank and PG&E, among others.

Join this movement now. It’s easy. Make a donation of any amount. Volunteer. Invite us to speak to your group. []

Adopt-A-Park Volunteer Program

The City of San Jose has a fantastic volunteer opportunity for all city residents. The Adopt-A-Park program welcomes individuals, groups, families and youth to enhance the beauty of our local parks.

Adopt-A-Park volunteers are ‘extra eyes and ears’ in city parks. Volunteering just 2 hours a month, participants can adopt an entire park or just their favorite part: playgrounds, sports courts, fields, etc. With tools provided by the program, volunteer’s pick-up litter, remove graffiti, weed, rake, sweep and report issues to city staff. Together everyone helps keep the park safe and clean!

Volunteers are asked to make a one year commitment to the program, but can volunteer anytime the park is open (sunrise to sunset.) This freedom from a set time commitment encourages volunteers to help whenever it fits into their busy schedule. Families enjoy the opportunity to volunteer together, youth gain a new appreciation for natural beauty and all volunteers experience a sense of accomplishment and that feeling of civic pride!

For more information, please see our website: or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Thanks to Mollie Tobias - Volunteer Coordinator, PRNS City of San Jose for this information

Last Updated ( Thursday, 17 November 2011 17:50 )

Guadalupe River Park & Gardens

Guadalupe River Park & Gardens

Guadalupe River Park & Gardens continues to evolve. You might have noticed construction equipment at the corner of Taylor and Spring streets – 45 beds are being added to Guadalupe Community Garden . The plots are already spoken for as there are over 100 people on the waiting list for this garden. We are working to identify additional funding to add even more beds.

Continuing the construction theme, the detour between Coleman Ave. and Julian St. will remain in place until November. The railroad trestle is being rebuilt as the last element of the downtown flood control project; however, UPRR didn’t complete the signal work as anticipated, resulting in an additional year of trail closure. At our request, a city official sent a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers requesting that work on the east side of the river be prioritized so that the east trail can be reopened before November.

Recent storms activated the underground box (photo credit: Ranger Mike Peasland) culverts, which were built to move large volumes of water through downtown without flooding homes and businesses. Park rangers close the lower trails during major storms as they are designed to be under water. Tons of garbage gets left behind when the water recedes – please email or call if you’re willing to volunteer to help remove the trash ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 298-7657).

Park rangers play a critical role in keeping our regional parks safe but the program has been put on the budget chopping block. Please contact Councilmember Oliverio to voice your support for the park ranger program. If you’d like to do more, visit this site:

Join us for Spring in Guadalupe Gardens on Saturday, April 23rd. We’ve added a 5K fun run and egg hunt to the usual lineup of plant sales, rose garden tours, and children’s activities. Please visit our website for more

by Leslee Hamilton, Guadalupe River Park Conservancy

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 29 March 2011 16:48 )

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