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Changing To Airport’s Noise Reporting Procedure

On April 19, 2011 San Jose City Council unanimously approved changing the Airport’s noise reporting procedure with a modification suggested by Council member Sam Liccardo.

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CAAP Files Lawsuit

Citizens Against Airport Pollution [CAAP] has filed a lawsuit against the City of San Jose because the City recently approved a major amendment to the Airport Master Plan without an Environmental Impact Report describing what adverse affect these amendments will have on the environment.

The suit alleges that the City failed to conduct the proper environmental investigation necessary prior to the approval of a major amendment to the Airport Master Plan, as required by CEQA. Air pollution impacts, noise pollution impacts and impacts on wildlife are unknown. In an effort to avoid litigation, CAAP previously requested the City to defer action approving the major amendment so that these issues could be evaluated and discussed without litigation. The City chose to ignore these concerns and approved the major amendment to the Airport Master Plan without a clear understanding of its impact on the environment.

For over 20 years, Citizens Against Airport Pollution has been the only watchdog organization committed to protecting the environment from pollution caused by Mineta San Jose International Airport. CAAP has always supported a first class airport to serve the needs of the Southbay. Protecting the quality of life for San Jose residents and maintaining a first class airport is doable. However, it requires thoughtful planning and a keen sensitivity to environmental protections. If Silicon Valley is to become the center of “green” technology, the City of San Jose must make every effort to make its airport environmentally sensitive and a good neighbor. CAAP believes that the protection of the quality of life in the neighborhoods should be the highest priority to the City of San Jose.

Taxiway Option Drafts

For more details see the Press Release

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OEI Impact On Airport Viability

OEI Impact On Airport Viability

OEI (One Engine Inoperative) is an acronym used to describe the takeoff ability of an airplane that has lost an engine.  Why is this important?  This is important because airlines, not the FAA look at building heights in the flight path of planes taking off, to determine if it is viable to fly out of certain airports or not.  If buildings are too high, the FAA rules tell airlines to cut  the cargo weight.  If airlines have to cut cargo weight off planes, it isn't economically viable to fly.  San Jose has sunk a lot of public money into transforming our airport into a world class airport.  Do we want to protect future flights by restricting building heights or continue to build without considering the consequences?

- City of San Jose Memorandum: Deferral of Airport Obstruction Study Recomendation to Council

The following exhibits help illustrate the issue: [click images to enlarge]




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City Council Study Session 3/8/10

Interesting power point presentation on airport competitiveness.

City Council Study Session 3/8/10

San Jose City Council Special Study Session on the Airport

All Airport Stakeholders,

The San Jose City Council has scheduled a special study session to review the Airport’s current financial and competitive position. The session will be held next Monday, March 8, beginning at 1:30 p.m. The meeting is open to the public and it will be held in the San Jose City Hall Council Chambers at 200 East Santa Clara Street in downtown San Jose. Study sessions give Councilmembers an in-depth review of complex issues and the opportunity to have longer and more focused discussions with staff and stakeholders. We encourage our community stakeholders and our airline and tenant partners to attend the study session or to watch it on-line on San Jose Civic Center TV. At this study session, Airport staff will review the following matters with the City Council:

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