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S/HPNA Prepared!

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S/HPNA is working to prepare our neighborhoods for any emergencies or major disasters. The goal is to establish meeting places for times of emergency and to identify and organize resources to help neighbors in need of help; as well as to inform our neighbors of what to do when a major disaster occurs. The S/HPNA Prepared program participates in San José Prepared, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service, Red Cross CPR & First Aid certification, and other relevant activities.

Shasta Hanchett Park Emergency Coordinators

There is a grass roots effort to prepare our neighborhood for THE BIG ONE or any other disaster. Shasta Hanchett Park Emergency Coordinators are volunteers who are putting together a plan to build a network that spans Shasta/Hanchett Park, Garden Alameda, St. Leo's and Cahill Park that will activate in the event of a disaster.

The hope is to have a Coordinator on each block who will communicate information to households on his/her block regarding being prepared for a disaster, and in case of a disaster, to work with Coordinators from other blocks, and with City response teams to assist in accounting for neighbors, getting help for the injured and clean-up.

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